Gingersnap Farm has been family owned and operated since 1991. License Farm Food Processor, full Bakery featuring pies of all varieties and tarts, gourmet cookies, fudge, brownies, signature sweet cinnamon rolls and gooey pecan rolls, scones, a variety of jams, preserves, meals in a jar and asst canned items, special slider sandwiches, and specialty cakes. I am a NPIP certified hatchery and a licensed Egg Producer. I have 100 free range hens that lay eggs daily for all my customers. Don't forget my fur and feathers selection of puppy muffins with yogurt peanut butter icing and my dog approved, dehydrated cheddar beef balls. For the birds I have pine cones stuffed with my special recipe of high protein bird suet and high protein blocks. Live mealworms for treats for the for your blue birds and family chicken pets pets. Gingersnap Farm grows only heirloom tomatoes and a variety of other produce.